From Just Behind The Bedroom Door

by Drew Thomson



Physical release info: Cassette available through NO SLEEP RECORDS


released October 28, 2015

Recorded, Mixed and Written by Andrew Thomson
Tape Available through NO SLEEP RECORDS



all rights reserved
Track Name: Growing Gross
you hold your head up so high
right before you roll your eyes at me
and take in all the scenery
it’s fragrant
but you hold that look like
fuck it,
it’s meaningless -
my beliefs are steeped
in how
you could never love me

I know,
it’s gross the way that I have grown

you hang your head and say I tried
while I configure both our symmetry
and hold your hand impartially
and pray and wait and look out for a sign
but I know that we won’t find it here
I know we’ll die and ordinary

it’s gross the way that we have grown
Track Name: Stoya
Stoya, she’s in love with me
she told me in my favourite scenes
through secret codes,
only I can read
when she shakes those hips -
that’s he telling me

those other guys she fucks,
they’re just for fun
she’s coming to me once they’ve
cum and gone

and she lets them in,
but they don’t feel nothing
she lets them in but they don’t feel nothing
more than

running red
lipstick all over them
running red
and I’ll break in and I’ll make the bed

my friends say it’s a fantasy
they don’t believe in you and me
they say it’s nothing that you want to be
apart of
apart from me

it’s getting strange man, time to give it up
I say, ah you just don’t know true love
I’m heading out to California
and I’ll show ya
ya, I’ll show ya

running red
blood pouring out from your head
running red
and I’ll break in
and wait in your bed
Track Name: Reputaion
I’m a fuck up , but you love it
I got no money, but you think it’s cool
I go out, and everybody buys me drinks
but never you,
not for you

because I’m tasteless
does it show?
a pretentious waste of bones

I’m a waste-case
don’t you know my reputation?
I’m a drunk on the town every weekend
takes commitment,
don’t you know?
takes commitment,
just to stay so low.